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Rainforests and their help for humans

3. 10. 2016

Rainforests are all creatures on planet earth extremely important, without knowing about it. A big part of the production of oxygen on planet earth provide these very woods. Although we would not have managed to live, but lacking we would as much oxygen as we have it receives today, and this would result, for example, deaths in younger age (instead of 80 to 90 years, we would have died already 70 years), frequent illness etc. We should appreciate the rain forests, not only because they give us oxygen and provide longer and healthier lives, but also because of them live to hundreds of species of diverse plants and animals. Let's deal with their beauty and unique phenomena of nature. It's we, we the people have on their conscience mass destruction. Do not say no, I can not change anything, I'm just one of the billions of people on the planet, something you can change, if you will. These forests must be saved in any way. Only we humans can help these magnificent forests. These forests are important to us than what we get their destruction.

Continuation of the article Destruction of rain forests.



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